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by  |  03-May-2016 10:13

That said, it can go very fast with Tinder, provided you have a carefully worked profile.

To get a good profile Tinder, we must already understand the psychology of the application (and its users).

The first thing (and often the only) that see the girls on Tinder about you, this is your main photo.

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In fact, Tinder PC is certainly convenient, but not magic (especially: not automatic).

Anyway: it must be used properly and with a bit of intelligence if we want to hope to get to know people.

At first, when Tinder was still relatively confidential, it was mainly frequented by people just select / a little hype.

Now very popular, there are almost everyone, your philosophy teacher vaguely cougar to your newly single cousin, via the Swedish au pair, + all the other girls of the Earth.

Some think that because Tinder is done to speed things up, we find only people interested in dating “fast” and superficial. You will find obviously girls looking for easy sex session; you will also find there girls in search of love, others in search of a little freshness in their lives, and others, my favorite, without any expectations, listening to what universe wants to offer them. People who potentially may become people who matter in your life.

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