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People also call it: "Turkey, a country to spit on." Turks are easy to identify IRL. ", don't worry, they are not retards, just Turks participating in a protest, usually pissing and whining about some random Armenian crap. The Turkish government is currently working on banning getting laid, as if any Turkish guy ever had the opportunity.If you ever see a bunch of Arabs on the street screaming "TURKEY! It is inhabited by the descendants of the smallest Empire in the history of the world.Turks are the sub-human barbarians whose only contribution to history is fucking kebab.

After the horrors of World War I, he destroyed the country even more by banning those stupid little hats called fez and gouging the eyes out of harmless old men.

If you say a bad word against Atatürk's memory, you will be shot in both your legs and then assfucked by batshit insane Turkish cops, and taken to prison, where a burly Turk named Faruk will slice off your testicles and feed them to you.

But actually Turkey never was really a secular State and today President or better neo-Ottoman Sultan Recep Tayyib Erdogan dismantled the rest of the already eroded fascistic system of government and is trying to build an Islamic State.

The Turkish national pastimes include beating, raping and/or murdering wifes, girlfriends, sisters or other female relatives and also homosexual male relatives because of Honour, beating, raping and forcing their children to marriage, often with those relatives (thats the reason because Turks have a low IQ), mutilating male genitalia, watching child and/or animal porns (the turkish langugage is the second often langugage which used to search for child and animal pornography in the internet), banging slutty Eastern European chicks, sending shitty performers to Eurovision, slaughtering the Kurds, blaming Greeks for everything, sodomizing European drug-dealers in their prisons, and picking off pedestrians with their cars even when the green light CLEARLY says that pedestrians have right of way.

Turkey (also known as Turka Durka, Muslim Terrorists, Rabid Rapists of Turkey, Republic of Kebab, Neo-Ottoman Empire and Islamic Republic of Turkey) is Europe's Mexico.

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