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After Jay struggles to get an erection, Annie suggests making a sex tape.

We do not use Youtube as we believe viewing is spolit by advertising, marketing, and all the other annoyances a proper and sincere movie watcher just doesn't want. I hate films which mimic - often poorly - the well-made films that were produced originally with fantastic budgets. Sure, our budgets are small, but we create movies that will make you think, entertain, and which contain a unique style that marks them as truly different.

With us, you pay a tiny amount, you watch our movie from the comfort of your home, and you don't get bothered by commercial intent. You end up watching hopelessly inadequate films which put you off Indie films. We produce shorts to experiment with story telling, often in preparation for producing full length feature films.

Enjoyment is private and ideal, not something to exploit. All the movies are written and produced by Mol Smith. Once, there were many small Indie film companies who made films I liked. These days, the big film companies dominate the western world's film audience, and they produce movies which look for the common denominators in their audience. I do not make films with the idea of making money, or myself richer. This makes me richer by enabling me to understand what being alive is. With my movies, you get to see evolution of ideas and style, and then you get to see the culmination of the experiments.

Instead, I make films with the idea of making people richer.

Sex Tape is a 2014 American comedy film directed by Jake Kasdan and written by Kate Angelo, Jason Segel, and Nicholas Stoller.

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