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Meanwhile, April and Marc clash on a parenting issue; Kate learns that her new beau has a connection to Joss and Harry; and Harry's business partner invites him and Joss to Las Vegas.

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Meanwhile, Lydia tries to ruin Karen's new romance; April makes a decision after observing her mother's display of intolerance; and Joss deals with the death of a friend from her impact class.

Season 4, Episode 9August 15, 2016April's mom causes trouble in April and Marc's relationship.

Meanwhile, Karen meets a new guy after Lydia secretly sets up an online dating profile for her; Kate makes a change in her living arrangements; and Joss takes pills to cope with her anxiety.

Season 4, Episode 8August 8, 2016April's mom arrives for an overnight stay, but she extends her visit due to health issues.

Meanwhile, despite her misgivings, Karen makes an effort to bond with her new nanny; Harry deals with his sudden fame; and Joss learns that Kate is dating Scott.

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