Val and janel dancing with the stars dating site

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“Janelle is one of those kids who grew up having a natural flair for performance,” says Val.“She did singing and acting, but musical theater was the thing she really loved to do. She knows how to move and has some stage presence and she kept up with it, so she has been introduced to dancing before, but has never worked on ballroom dancing in her life.” Still, Chmerkovskiy is aware that with their resumes, people expect them to go far in the competition.

“Tommy Chong is one of my favorite celebrities of all time.

I never fangirl over anybody, but Tommy Chong is definitely my man crush this season. “He has a great sense of humor and I’m sure he and Peta [Muragatroyd] get the munchies all the time.” “Every partner has their strengths, and our responsibility as professionals is to recognize those strengths and capitalize on them, choreographically.

You have to translate that chemistry on the dance floor and make their personalities shine,” says Chmerkovskiy, before noting something that avid fans know to be true: “The best dancers rarely win the show.” When pushed, Chmerkovskiy demurs. I try to do my very best and hopefully that comes through, first to my partner, second of all with my employer, and third of all with the fans.

Who they vote for is not something I can control.” “Last year, Meryl [Davis] was clearly the best dancer on the show, and we saw the best dancer win,” said Chmerkovskiy.

“But was it her incredible dancing or was it her journey with my brother, Maks — or something about their chemistry?

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