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When I did the post about Hencha a little over a week ago, Yes Julz’s Twitter and Instagram accounts were public, but they have since been changed to private.

So far there has been no official response from either Yes Julz or Diego Ramos.

Diego and Yes Julz (seen together in the photo above) look to have been quite close for well over a year, with their changing hairstyles matching the video at about this time last year and a few months before.

That lines up with Bossip’s report that the video was “taken sometime early last year.” UPDATE – Yes Julz just made her Twitter and Instagram accounts public again, and she tweeted this photo of herself looking rather relaxed and chill: Just to clarify, I didn’t leak the tape. Lost a few people/friends yesterday, all from assumptions. I was never a boyfriend so idk how I became an Ex and earned her the nickname “The Snapchat Queen” from The Huffington Post.

Surveyors report that instructions to sell have also declined and the stock of properties on the market remains close to 30-year lows.

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