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On Thursday, they posted an article making the case that Dean-Charles Chapman and Nell Tiger Free (who play siblings Tommen and Myrcella Baratheon on are secretly dating each other in public. Allegedly, the two were “fighting every other day for weeks,” but it was on Tom’s birthday that “things really came to a head” when they “each dredged up every issue with the other that they’d been suppressing.” Earlier this week, Celebrity Dirty Laundry claimed that the Brundchen duo hasn’t had sex in two years and fight constantly about how to raise their kids.In Buzzfeed’s defense, the evidence is compelling (particularly Nell Tiger Free’s tweets where she calls Chapman “her boy” and shares pictures of him tying her shoes for her), but fellow star Maisie Williams took to Twitter to call bullshit on the rumors… Her exact statement regarding the rumor was, “BANTS IS UNREAL RN. Their article cites exactly zero sources, however, so unless Celebrity Dirty Laundry is secretly written by Tom Brady’s three-year-old toddler Vivian Lake then I doubt its authenticity.

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There she finds a large and welcoming family with many challenges of their own.

When Myrcella finally meets her boyfriend's family she asks Shireen to go with her.

Like a love child of a famous musician, dating their professor, pregnant before marriage, a sister who rides a motorcycle, and a little brother who burned a house down.

In this crazy family could she finally find one of her own, and maybe even find love?

"An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time place or circumstances.

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