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Lawsuits unleashed The risk of failure is inherent to entrepreneurialism.But Brandon Apparel’s tanking yielded a series of lawsuits.

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Not long after that transaction, Ha-Lo declared bankruptcy.

In early 2000, Starbelly sold itself to another company called Ha-Lo Industries for $240 million, much of which went to the author of those words, a man named Eric Lefkofsky.

It was written in an email by the co-founder of a company called, which labeled itself a B2B provider — back when people greeted that phrase with a straight face.

It’s pretty much what you’d expect a novice executive to say back then, when it was all about money and not at all about creating something good.

if we get wacked [sic] on the ride down-who gives a shit… WE HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE…” This is a quote from the dot-com era.

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