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One of the most dreaded words in the arsenal of Newspeak was the most heinous offence according to the Party that of thoughtcrime which was sure to be punished by the Thought police.

The slogans of Newspeak are War is Peace Freedom is Slavery and Ignorance is Strength.

Winston pretended to toe the official line so as to dodge the thought police but terrifyingly, the pretence often spilled over into reality, so that he did not always know if he actually hated or adored Big Brother.

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He enters the date April 4, 1984 and then realizes that he was completely stuck for words.

He finally puts down a long monologue about the film he had watched the day before, a war propaganda film positively encouraging the audience to delight in sights of macabre, mindless slaughter.

From his memories of the film, Winstons thoughts move on to a daily ritual, which was conducted in each office, the two minute Hate.

During this process, the telescreens broadcast pictures of Emmanuel Goldstein, the Number One Enemy of the People according to the Party.

Goldstein had originally been a founding member of the Party and was supposed to have later betrayed the Partys ideals and joined up with Eurasia or Eastasia to overthrow Oceania.

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