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In the year 1967, for instance, the Government of India granted public exhibition rights to hundreds of films produced in Hollywood and elsewhere.

At the same time India itself produced 333 full-length feature films and 826 shorter films in the fifteen major vernacular languages of the nation.

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I must also mention that the classic Indian film followed a unique style. They told me that they wanted to produce a film on the life of Christ in Telugu. “Jesus Christ ranks high among religious leaders people love – whether they are Christian, Muslim or Hindu. We heard that you do this kind of thing so we flew in from Madras this morning.” The help they needed was both a start-up capital and information on Jesus’ actual life. A good film on Jesus Christ would prove of immense value.

Fast and furious action alternated with leisurely dialogues and comic interludes. And, if we joined in the venture as financial sponsors, we could insist on a correct portrayal of Jesus, rather than accepting the soft-spoken miracle worker popular in Hindu literature. We too believe that a film on the life of Christ in Telugu would be very successful.

Also, at seven or eight turning points of the story, the drama would be interrupted to introduce a song that expressed the mood of that moment. Now at the time we were absolutely strapped of cash. Also, I did not have enough information about the two gentlemen. So I decided to give a positive response, while playing it safe. Moreover, I had to make sure that we would get financial backing from some of the mission agencies. In principle, we are happy to become your partners in this venture.

When a child is born, for instance, the mother or father may erupt in song to echo their hopes for the child. But, obviously, we have to work out the terms of our working together in detail.” They agreed.

A song in the middle of a violent fight between two brothers might reflect on the sad reality of conflict in families. Two Hindu film producers from Chennai, then called Madras, turned up at our Amruthavani office. I entertained them for the rest of the day and told them I would visit their offices in Chennai.

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