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Many episodes would have been much shorter if Nell had just explained what the heck was going on instead of allowing the townspeople to live in crippling fear of whatever horrible thing was happening.

Here’s Bronson explaining this to Nell using a respectful and effective method of communicating with the elderly. In ‘Lucky Lips’ a gypsy woman gives Pete magic lipstick that makes him irresistible to women.

As a result, he is passionately kissed by Fiona’s mother, his own sister and also his teacher.

Drowning in seagull poo, penis propellers and a magic water sprite that makes you pee higher.

A lot of ' Round the Twist' probably wouldn't be allowed on TV nowadays but we and comedian Rob Hunter are sure glad it was back then.

In 1989 an eccentric sculptor and his children moved into a haunted lighthouse where they were tormented by ghosts, found themselves in constant danger and were left to solve bizarre mysteries, like ‘why didn't they move’?

Initially written by Paul Jennings and based on his hugely popular books, Round The Twist followed the adventures of the Twist family; twins Pete and Linda, little brother Bronson and dad Tony, as they relocated to the mysterious coastal town of Port Niranda.

Beginning in 1989, the show was instantly memorable due not only to its engaging content but also for its immediately recognisable and excellent theme song.

Tasmanian government tenders online dating

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