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Rustic wood wall art featuring a record-player silhouette and a variety of vintage records provides a perfect addition to any music lover's abode. The Indian artist paints on paper which he pastes on cotton fabric recycled from saris thus keeping a millinery artistic tradition alive.

After a long day's hard work Santhal peoples love to relax by dancing to light music.

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Bright colors prepared from natural herbs and seeds capture the effusive mood that reigns over Santhal people.

The word pata is derived from the Sanskrit and Pali word meaning cloth and chitra means picture.

Patachitra means picture painted on cloth and it refers to a storytelling tradition originating in the Medinipur region of West Bengal.

The painter community is called Patua and all of the artists bear the same last name Chitrakar meaning painter. - Brika Seeing Wonderful Things Poster Blue shadows shroud steep mountain cliffs in indigo as the sun peeks above an azure horizon. A waterfall cascades to a rushing river as the first birds awaken and sing to its music.

Through this unique art form the bard presents the story with pictures while simultaneously narrating a song called Pater Gaan. These are special care because of all the detailed work. Blue and green colors cover the canvas creating a rhythmic appeal in this painting by Ghanaian artist Glover Darlington. The pale light of sunrise when the world seems almost monochrome inspired me the moment when a sunbeam announces a new day says Andean artist Raul Cardenas. Time may change you, but your love for this influential artist will surely stay true.

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