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SECONDARY FRAME: 2x4 14 gauge hot rolled tubular steel. ANCHORING: Main columns have to be anchored to the slab with screws and anchor plates.ERECTION METHOD: welding FLOORS AND ROOF: uses type B metal deck panels with a 1.5 inch cement coat SHELL: built with 1 inch rib metal lath (herringbone mesh pattern) and structural stucco FOUNDATION: to be designed using basic and simple monolithic slab on grad. It was modeled in 3D using Archi CAD, so it is a must you be able to import the 3D model from (.pln) file with your software.

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Structural engineering calculations online dating

offers simple static calculation / structiral analysis for timber structures and woodwork projects.

No matter if you plan to build a carport, a wooden terrace, a shed or also a trade fair stand, with you can find sufficient dimensions for you woodworking project, no matter if you are a carpenter or a layman.

What makes so special is, that input and interpretation of values can be accomplished by every do-it-yourselfer. So a correct dimensioning of your woodwork timber can be done within minutes.

Please read all explanations in detail and mind, that we cannot give any guarantee for the accuracy or the correctness of the static calculation.

Calculated values and dimensions only have informational character and are used in real woodwork projects at your own responsibility.

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