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The IAFPI is an independent, autonomous association of polygraph schools and programs accredited by the APA.

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Pornography has been one of the most divisive issues in feminism, particularly among feminists in anglophone countries.

This deep division between feminists was exemplified in the Feminist Sex Wars of the 1980s, which pitted anti-pornography feminism against sex-positive feminism.

Feminist opponents of pornography—such as Andrea Dworkin, Catharine Mac Kinnon, Robin Morgan, Diana Russell, Alice Schwarzer, Gail Dines, and Robert Jensen—argue that pornography is harmful to women, and constitutes strong causality or facilitation of violence against women.

Catharine Mc Kinnon and Andrea Dworkin had separately staked out a position that pornography was inherently exploitative toward women, and they called for a civil law to make pornographers accountable of harms that could be proven to result from their publications.

Anti-pornography feminists, notably Catharine Mac Kinnon, charge that the production of pornography entails physical, psychological, and/or economic coercion of the women who perform and model in it.

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