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In practice, this means years can pass in Underworld, whereas only hours or days have passed in the real world.

Scientists are also said to be working on a brain implant chip that merges the virtual and the real, which ties into the series written by Kawahara. E (Artificial Labile Intelligent Cybernated Existence) and the goal is to create an artificial Fluctlight.

Shortly after this introduction, events quickly go awry and Death Gun makes a reappearance. Unfortunately, all attempts at cloning a human soul were futile because the copies could not handle the fact they were not the originals and destabilized into hysteria.

While I’ll leave the details of the resulting confrontation as a surprise, it could be said the game world of never ended. Thus, the new goal with Project Alicization was to copy the soul of a newborn child and then nurture it inside Underworld at a fast pace by using Fluctlight Acceleration.

But in the process of explaining Project Alicization, much of the plot can probably be guessed in advance, so you’ll be left with very little surprise when the anime comes out. The two new main characters are named Eugeo and Alice Schuberg, with most of the emphasis of the story going toward Kirito’s friendship with Eugeo.

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