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It is planned that Emily's voice spills out of its confinement bit by bit in response to the protigonist's progress in her narration.

Suppose you have a stem of Butterfly Orchid With a cluster of white blossoms in full bloom, How would you arrange it?

Would you keep it intact and display a mossive beauty or leave only one or two blossoms to present a modest beauty?

Japanese flower arrangement for the tea ceremony chooses the latter, thus the paradoxical idea of enhancing beauty by sacrificing beauty, which is central to the Japanese aesthetic as expressed in many arts and rituals besides teaism and flower arrangement.

Obasan, a novel written by second-generation Japanese-Canadian Joy Kogawa, utilizes the same subtle art of "expression through subtraction." The book conceals ail enormous depth beneath the surface of a calm, modest, natural narrative.

One of the novel's most symbolic scenes, which illuminates the heart of this art, is when Aya Obasan brings a bundle of food in a furoshiki, or cloth wrapper, to express her thanks to the men who came to help with the cremation of Grandnma Nakane.

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