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We had to wear bikinis to drive the carts, but being modest, I was wearing a cover-up.

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So, I’m just like “fuck it.” I take my top off, shotgun the beer, and the guy hands me $25, which in college was a lot of money for me.

In my head at the time, I’m thinking, “I just took off my top, drank a beer that someone gave me for free, and I made money?

This is easy.” Then, later in the day, I’m wasted, and the guys had started this tradition a few years back where every year they try to get the cart girls to get their nipples pierced.

They asked me if I would do it, and I’m like “Fuck yeah I’ll do it! It didn’t actually happen that night, because the piercing place was closed, but the next year at homecoming, after everyone had forgotten about the bet, the same alumni found me at the frat house and asked me if I was going to get them pierced.

At this point, I’m just like “Fuck, now I have to do it.” So I round up as many friends as I can, and we go marching down the street to the piercing place.

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