Sexy cameltow

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Indeed, the moniker “a meal fit for a king” is an overused cliché in many dining circles, but at Excalibur’s premium steak and seafood restaurant, it actually is endowed with validity.From the very entrance of the enchanting Steakhouse at Camelot, the medieval overtones carry into the open, sweeping dining room.Plush, Earth tone embossed semi-circular booths line two walls of the restaurant, while the remainder of the sprawling space is occupied by traditional tables with chairs and private dining areas.

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UPDATE: The camel toe trend continues to go strong, especially among women in sports.

So take a look at the gallery below, where a couple extra camel toe pictures hot off the presses have been added for your viewing pleasure.

And if you happen to be a camel-toe-weary female athlete reading this, you should know that swimmers and, uh, professional wrestlers seem to be the vocations most at risk for new incidences of camel toe.

UPDATE: Camel toe is one of those evergreen concepts that’s good throughout the year.

So no matter when you’re seeking out camel toe on the internet, there’s pretty much an unlimited supply.

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