motivation online dating - Sexual predators online dating statistics 2014

by  |  12-Sep-2016 03:25

Social media alone brings up questions of privacy and information vulnerability but when the element of sexual predation is added, the consequences are even more dire and significant.

Users of social media often freely and openly offer up information about themselves and this can be used against them.

It’s well known that social media is a great tool to help people connect either to individuals whom they already know or to individuals whom they would like to get to know.

There are many benefits to using social media but because it is such a new technology, there are also many elements of social media that have not been mastered by its users.

Clearly, social media usage is a learning process and therefore the more it is used, the better we will get at using it.

But part of the process has been realizing the dangers that lurk within the unknown.

Sexual predators have found ways of pursuing potential victims over social media and perpetuating their crimes.

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