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On the Internet a lot is written about the treatment of narcissism, about how you should deal with a narcissist.

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In such positions they can do things that in another context will not be tolerated by most people. the surgeon on a ward who terrifies everyone, the CEO of a large company that has to take inhumane decisions, the soccer legend who is considered by many to be a saint and therefore can do almost everything, a leader of a country who has the military backing him so he can oppress his people.

You can only do something against a narcissist if you have put yourself insufficient safety.

A second pre-condition for the treatment of a narcissist has - again - something to do with safety.

You have to guess how aggressive the narcissist in front of you can be.

How are the chances that this narcissist will explode in anger and become violent (either physically or verbally)?

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