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Diet Coke had been in the market in Australia for 23 years and while this was a non sugar cola option, it skewed to a female audience due to the light taste and carbonation, and the brand positioning.

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The PR objectives were to support unbranded tease activity in the prelaunch phase (led by The Zero Movement) and then to drive extensive media coverage for the brand at launch and throughout 2006.

The aim was for the brand to launch into the market with a massive amount of noise for both consumers and the retail trade.

PR played an important role in delivering scale for the brand and ensuring that no channel was ignored within the marketing mix.

With a heavyweight integrated marketing communications plan and a desire to create a launch to rival that of diet Coke (23 years earlier), PR was tasked with delivering a campaign on the same scale.

In order to achieve this objective, a mass market PR campaign was delivered which secured extensive reach through media coverage.

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