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O uso de ferramentas para a automatização da informação é uma realidade cada vez mais presente em todos os tipos de organizações, principalmente devido à globalização e consequente aumento das exigências do mercado.

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At the microeconomic level, the constant need for asset tracking and fuel efficiency in conjunction with strong price-competition in logistics drive fleet operators to adopt telematics to sustain profitability and gain competitive advantage.

Additionally, global regulatory safety mandates require the installation of basic telematics control units in all new commercial vehicles in key geographical areas.

Finally, the increased demand for wireless connectivity offers the opportunity to substitute functions of the onboard computer with smartphones and tablets.

These drivers will enable aftermarket and OEM telematics services providers to expand their subscription base and offer new services leading to increased telematics revenues and enhancement of customer loyalty.

Visiongain expects the global commercial vehicle telematics market will reach a value of in 2015.

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