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The story progresses at a fair pace with a good mixture of serious episodes and some not too serious ones.

The characters are well designed and although I have never actually met a hikikomori, I would guess that the personalities and lifestyle are fairly depicted.

For me, the most notable character in the series is the female lead Nakahara Misaki.

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The main character of the story, Satou Tatsuhiro, is a college dropout. (Nihon Hikikomori Kyoukai / Japan Hikikomori Association/Society) is working around the clock to ruin his life and make sure he stays a shut-in forever through any means necessary.

He is a complete conspiracy nut who believes a giant organization encompassing the whole planet called the N. The origin of his obsession with conspiracies seems to be an upperclassman named Kashiwa Hitomi with whom he spent a lot of time with in high school.

Satou realizes that he can’t continue living as a NEET forever and wants to escape the lifestyle and overcome the conspiracies of the NHK but he is too afraid and doesn’t know how to go about it.

However, everything changes when one day he meets a girl named Nakahara Misaki who claims that she will save him from his hikikomori lifestyle if he agrees to sign a contract with her and become the subject of her “project”.

The story is about a very serious subject matter but it is still full of humorous moments.

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