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Adaptive response has been well studied by employing physical and chemical agents in normal test systems, whereas in diseased conditions very little data are available.

However, adaptive response has not been worked out in various diseased conditions such as Alzheimer, arthritis, asthma, bronchitis and diabetes, which require immediate attention.

Diabetes is a multifarious disease and 7th leading cause of death around the world.

About 387 million people are suffering from diabetes around the world and expected to reach 592 million by the end of 2035 (International Diabetic Federation, 2014).

These diabetic patients are exposed to varied chemical agents/drugs, which might lead to serious disorders.

From the dose effect relationship study by Khalandar and Vasudev , a dose which induced few chromosomal aberrations and a dose that produced high aberrations were selected as conditioning and challenging doses respectively.

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