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His father Ustad [a Muslim teacher] Azeem Khan and uncle, Ustad Ismail Khan, were esteemed vocalists who guided him on the classical path.

But he retained a lifelong affinity with Rajasthan's vibrant folk-song traditions.

After Partition in 1947 he moved to Khushab in Pakistan's Punjab province, where he rose to become a motor mechanic and garage owner.

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The virtuoso rendition of these classic and rather complicated pieces of Ghazals in this Album is founded on Akhtar Shoukat’s profound knowledge of Indian Classical Music, his dedication to perfection and years of painstaking efforts.

Without doubt Akhtar Shoukat is one of the renowned contemporary artists in the style of late Ustad Mehdi Hassan.

For any lover of late Ustad Mehdi Hassan’s music, this Album is a must and highly recommended.

By listening to this Album, one can be only optimistic that the immortal spirit of a musical style established by a master can be worked upon and carried forward from generation to generation like the Olympic torch.

Mehdi Hassan was one of the all-time great vocal artists of the Indian subcontinent, a majestic musician hailed as transformative by peers and admirers.

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