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But I was too engrossed with the new Inoo Kei x OC/Arioka Daiki x OC fanfic for me and my “other half” I was planning and I forgot the time. And when I finally managed to sleep, I had ecchi dreams! I think it’s bad to think of love scenes for your fanfic before sleeping! Yes, as of now, nothing is more important than what I do now.

There’s only one “Inoo Kei” and there’s so many “Inoo Kei fangirls.” The competition is TOUGH. I will have to save my money for more important stuff. If I won’t do that, my husband would either 1) be so jealous he would kill me, or 2) turn into a fanboy.

It was a funny discovery: I already planned that I’m gonna be stopping my fangirling one of these years. Of course, I know that I can’t remain a fangirl forever. Okay, no matter how much I say “May the best fangirl win,” I am realistic.

I was surprised to see that actual chapters of my fanfictions were there. Bernard; and 3) by 2020, I already have :a) a daughter and I would name her “Keisha” or b) a son and I would name him “Ino”. BTW, I remember there was a myth in the university I attended that Architecture guys were the most handsome, but that turned out to be just a rumor.

+where Inoo’s grandmother is and be friends with her.

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