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For those of you who are not fans of the command-line interface built into k2pdfopt, or if you aren't satisfied with the MS Windows GUI in v2.x, the following graphical user interfaces (GUIs) are available: Wallauer's Windows GUI is feature rich and very compact (much more compact than k2pdfopt itself! The re Flower GUI runs in either Mac OSX or Windows and includes k2pdfopt, so you only have to download the one file, but you may have to install the Tcl/Tk framework (for OSX).

), and continues to have features added with his latest 2.0 release. It accesses a more limited number of k2pdfopt options than Wallauer's GUI. It is tuned specifically for the kindle paperwhite and requires you to also download the k2pdfopt OSX binary and put it in your path (/usr/local/bin recommended).

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K2pdfopt online dating

There is also a post on how to integrate this with calibre.

Here are various third-party contributed help pages / tutorials / forums in other languages.

Arabic ( Chinese (Baidu forum) Greek (linospapa.blogspot) Japanese (Net Buffalo) Persian (Katabkhan forum) Polish ( Portuguese (Vida Sem Papel) Russian (Tufanova) Turkish ( Ukrainian ([email protected]) Huang Xin has forked a version of Kindle PDFViewer which runs on the Kindle 3 and DX (and others? There is a thread about the Kindle PDFViewer on the Kindle 3, as well, a thread about the original Kindle PDFViewer.

K2pdfopt is a powerful tool which can optimise PDF and DJVU documents for reading on mobile devices (e-readers, tablets, smartphones).

This isn't a matter of cutting resolution, or applying other basic tricks.

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