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Famous sex tourist David Strecker to face trial in November Famous sex tourist David Strecker who was arrested in September 4, 2015, and is a prisoner in La Reforma, will face trial in Costa Rica in November for allegedly having engaged in the promotion of the country as a destination for sexual tourism, this through several online blogs, his facebook page and you tube videos. Sexual Tourists Swindled by Fake Costa Rica Escort Agency Source: Pixabay Commons The promise of sexual gratification with young and attractive call girls in Costa Rica have caused would-be sexual tourists from the United States to fall for a scam.

Supporters and many opponents believe the new language opens the legal possibility of same-sex unions.

In the past, Chinchilla has been lukewarm on her support for same-sex unions.

In 2011, she said that she would not oppose the legalization of gay marriage in Costa Rica, but stopped short of a full endorsement, saying that it was not part of her “national agenda.” In a meandering response to a reporter’s question about if and when she would support gay rights during U. President Barack Obama’s visit in early May, Chinchilla said, “I hope and trust that the debate truly can become much more balanced and more mature, without stigmatization and without disqualifications, and that, finally, will generate a decision in the Congress of the Republic.” On Sunday, organizers with the Front for Equal Rights launched a national campaign for marriage equality, demanding full marital and family rights for LGBT couples in Costa Rica.

According to the group’s Facebook page, they collected more than 2,000 signatures in support of the bill.

Past bills to legalize civil unions and common-law marriage between same-sex couples have languished in the legislature.

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