Han seung yeon dating site

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Han seung yeon dating site

Shi Jin’s third and most recent confession doesn’t get him a pretty doctor for a girlfriend but does keep their connection strong and solid.

He still likes her, she still likes him but won’t date him – luckily it’s not as frustrating as it sounds when their day jobs are as interesting to watch as the small steps romance.

Episode 8 recap: After Mo Yeon stitches up Shi Jin’s shoulder wound, he quietly confesses that, much as he has tried, he misses her a lot. This does not sound as creepy or controlling coming from him because he’s just so calm and candid about it.

Shi Jin figures she wasn’t expecting him to say something like this but he asks that she think about it.

The medical team pass by Daniel fixing a truck outside and Chi Hoon recognizes him as the famous Daniel who is half Korean and comes from a rich Canadian family but spends his time doing overseas volunteer work.

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