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Shapiro: City officials have been so misleading for so long in spinning the construction costs, timetable and operating expenses for the $5.26 billion rail system that few believe what they say anymore....

The question is whether lawmakers have the guts to keep faith with Oahu taxpayers, considering that their own campaign funds are filled by the same developers, contractors, construction unions and banks that have powered the deficient rail plan at the city level.

Minutes after Dan Grabauskas, executive director of the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation, announced to the HART board the need for additional funding to build rail, I held my own press conference to report to the public what actions I planned to take, in partnership with HART, in order to get the rail financing back on track....

...perhaps most important, I will be advocating vigorously during the legislative session to extend or lift the sunset on the GET surcharge for rail.

SA: The payments to Rainbow Healing Arts are among nearly $102,000 in school expenses throughout 20 flagged as suspicious by the state Public Charter School Commission, and that prompted a raid of the campus in November by the state Attorney General's Office.

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