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For postconsonantal vowels other than a, the consonant is applied with diacritics, while for non-postconsonantal vowels (initial and post-vocalic positions), there are full-formed characters.

With a being the most frequent vowel, this is a convenient system in the sense that it cuts down on the width of writing.

Following out of the aforementioned property, consonants lacking a proceeding vowel may condense into the proceeding consonant, forming compound or conjunct letters.

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In Second phase, 'Old Gujarati' script was in wide use.

The earliest known document in the Old Gujarātī script is a handwritten manuscript Adi Parva dating from 1591–92, and the script first appeared in print in a 1797 advertisement.

The third phase is the use of script developed for ease and fast writing.

The use of shirorekha (the topline as in Sanskrit) was abandoned.

Until the 19th century it was used mainly for writing letters and keeping accounts, while the Devanāgarī script was used for literature and academic writings.

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