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While Adult Swim is generally regarded as the pioneer of irreverent short-form animation -- especially for 'toons that reimagine past hits -- it wasn't always the king. Creative Director Michael Ouweleen and Hanna-Barbera chief Fred Seibert, these cartoons reinterpreted the network's properties through stock footage, indie music, and original animation in a wide variety of styles, as well as introducing prototypes of characters that would become some of the most famous in the history of American animation.In fact, the late-night programming block arguably found its birth in a series of short toons and interstitials that ran in the heyday of its daytime alter ego, the venerable Cartoon Network. The groundwork for the following projects was arguably laid by two cartoons: The Moxy and Flea Show (the network's first original series) and Space Ghost Coast to Coast.

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The four shorts acted as promos for various fictional cartoons, all rejected for obvious reasons.

Surprisingly twisted for the network's early, more staid days, the popularity of the bumps inspired Ouweleen to expand his ambitions in projects to come.

"Groovies" was the term for a new series of shorts which took the form of music videos.

Each one was based on a property in the Cartoon Network stable, from Betty Boop to Dexter's Lab.

Old clips and in some cases fresh animation work was mixed with original music from well-known artists like Devo, The Apples in Stereo, and, resulting in amusing and surprising tributes that respected the classic animation while showing it in a whole new light.

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