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In addition to ways to make money online website administration supports the users paid neonlaynovyh parties. Fill in the questionnaire, users are asked to describe in detail themselves, indicating not only the color of eyes and hair, or body, but also noting whether there be scars or piercings on what parts of the body to concentrate the main vegetation and which mode of the day (“lark” or “owl” ) is preferable. RU The site does not claim not international level and focuses on the Russian audience. RU Site young enough and the number of permanent members are not more than 2 000 000, the number of users who can simultaneously be online around 5000.

Provides a large number of services that can attract attention to your profile (of course, not free). But the profiles here for about 3 million and the base continues to grow. One of the few dating sites that allows users to raise the profile at the top ranks of search engine ranking without requiring payment. To entertain the audience administration conducts various competitions, and before you look for a pair offered to take a compatibility test, where more than a hundred questions . RU Website positioning itself as a service for serious dating and invites to register those who are tired of indecent proposals and profiles of questionable quality.

The test result should be the selection of a partner, ideally suited for you (service charge). Those looking for fleeting relationships, on the main page of the site is recommended to apply to other resources. RU More than 700,000 questionnaires, both online 500-1000 people.

Get introduced here only for the purpose of friendship, romance or marriage, no sex, no sponsorship or other frivolous options in the questionnaire is not provided. Specificity site communication is held in the format of “rooms” that are created by users.

Ubiquitous “Google” will give the answer to this question – you are on the site.

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