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Brand with a very high awareness on environmental issues, participate in environmental projects and KLATTERMUSEN クレッタールムーセン mountain is the meaning of the rat. Was hoping Messenger bag of クレッタル many of you have come out strongest specifications, pretty good stuff.Is the Messenger bag of good sense, practical, stylish, easy to use and quite to other companies without sticking.Good easy to use large Messenger BAG, designed for convenient even outdoors.

The enclosure is made with a new manufacturing method employing deep-drawn steel and die-cast aluminum.

The same form is repeated in miniature in the remote volume control unit.

Held biennially, The Fennia Prize - Good Design Grows Global is a design competition for businesses, open to firms and companies making designed products or using design in other ways.

The awards of the competition are the Fennia Prize Grand Prix, individual Fennia Prizes and Fennia Prize Honorary Mentions.

Prize winners are entitled to participate in the Fennia Prize exhibition and its tour, and they are included in the exhibition catalogue.

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