Dearborn bisexual dating

by  |  04-Aug-2016 12:25

Q: I have recently been exploring my bi side and experimenting with other men.

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If I come out as bi will 99.9 percent of women be skeeved out, leaving me with only bi or gay men as my sexual partners? From the bi guys it’s always, “ Boo-hoo, I’m bi and gay men won’t date me and straight women are scared of me!

” From the bi girls it’s always, “ Boo-hoo, I’m bi and lesbians won’t date me and straight men just want to watch me make out with their bi-curious girlfriends!

” It never seems to occur to bis that they can avoid all the mean, clueless and insensitive gays, lesbians and straights by dating other bis exclusively.

In fairness, it’s possible that all the smart, hip, together bis are already contentedly banging other bis, and since they’re not having problems, I don’t hear from them.

But still, what kind of statement does it make about the general desirability of bisexuals when so many can’t even conceive of dating other bisexuals?

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