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Officials said the free movement treaty was part of a package of seven agreements - covering areas such as economic and technological cooperation, agricultural trade and transport - which would stand or fall together.

“We are seeing signs of the rise of the far-right in Europe”, Eamon Gilmore, the Irish foreign minister, cautioned.

But William Hague, the Foreign Secretary, was much more circumspect, perhaps mindful of support for immigration controls within his own party.

He would say only that the government was "mindful" of the position of 40,000 British nationals working in Switzerland, but added that he did not want to "prejudge" the negotiations between the European Commission and Swiss government which "will have to get under way now".

The government in Berne must now enshrine the result in the law despite having strongly opposed it.

Justice Minister Simonetta Sommaruga said on Sunday that the government planned to draft a law by the autumn, before approaching the EU with its plans.

Dating sites no sign up nzz

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