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If this is the face of Generation Y, maybe we ought to take a long look in the mirror.

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Persona: Sober And Sarcastic Relevant Drakeism: “Girl, quit playing you just drunk, you just saying shit/ Oh you dance, dance like how, like ballet and shit?

” An early sign of Drake’s versatility: After surging into the limelight singing hooks for A-List rappers, he tacked on a rap verse for an A-List R&B singer.

Persona: World’s Happiest UGK Stan Relevant Drakeism: “I’m an honorary resident of UGK town/ I’m on my way” Given the Houston fixation Drake is always so eager to remind us about, appearing on a track with Bun B and the late Pimp C must be like a trip to one of those rock ‘n’ roll fantasy camps.

Persona: Paranoid Papi Relevant Drakeism: “That’s luxury dawg/ Day one niggas, man, ya’ll stuck with me dawg” The “I’m On One” gang (Drake, 40, Khaled, Weezy and Rozay) is back, but whereas that track is a world-stomping masterpiece, “No New Friends” — more a warning to enemies than a celebration of old pals — is insular and paranoid and kind of a drag.

Immersing yourself in Drake’s catalog is more than a little like jumping into bed with the guy for one of those torrid affairs he likes to emote about in the endless tear-stained diary that is his discography.

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