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There is no plan to give explicit lecture notes this semester.Jeff Erickson and Sariel Har-Peled have excellent sets of notes and the instructor will give pointers to them as well as other material available on the web as needed.Students are encouraged to consult various sources in addition to the notes linked to from here.

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Office hours: MW AM - PM TA: Sebastian Anton Lindner - T01, Parthasarathi Das - T02.

Emails: salindne [at] ucalgary [dot] ca, dastheta [at] gmail [dot] com. About the course: This course will cover essential techniques and models which help us reason about algorithms and computation.

Tutorials: T01: MW - Room: SS 006 Note: this book is good but very expensive. Starting with simple examples, we'll understand and apply key concepts like induction/recursion and we'll ponder questions like What is computation? We discuss regular expressions, regular languages, Turing machines, and the famous Halting Problem.

We'll also see some modern applications of these concepts.

The course outline contains additional information related to the course and general University policies. Feedback: We always welcome any feedback on what we can improve. The TA labs cover some exercises as well as any other topic you'd like to discuss with your TA.

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