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One of few remaining wealthy supporters of the Australian hacker is Vaughan Smith, the Frontline Club’s founder.

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Both Parker, 24, and cameraman Adam Ward, 27, were killed and the gunman is still at large. Our thoughts go out to the victims’ friends and families.

Standing recently outside the Frontline, a London club for foreign correspondents and their admirers, a female professor offered a cigarette to the veteran war reporter beside her.

‘Thank you,’ he said, narrowing his eyes like a character in a pulp movie, ‘but I only smoke when I’m under fire.’ It’s the sort of self-mythologising line you hear all too often at the Frontline, where members preen like latter-day Hemingways amid lovingly curated war-reporting memorabilia — shrapnel-damaged cameras, scorched press cards, and so on — often in the admiring company of young freelancers and students.

The Frontline is much more than just a hacks’ hangout; it hosts talks on foreign affairs, debates and book launches.

My first visit occurred a decade ago, when I was a student at Yale spending a summer in London and a journalism professor urged me to check out the place.

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