Cambodian sex crimes

by  |  07-Dec-2015 00:34

"The [old law] really indulged child abusers." Guangdong-based lawyer Chen Keyun hit out at the government for taking so long to repeal the legislation.

"This doesn't really count as progress," Chen told RFA.

"The whole idea of such a crime was ridiculous from the start." "I think they got rid of it because of certain reactions from overseas, and perhaps a certain amount of pressure from the international community," he said.

Public anger Debate of the issue in state media has largely been focused on how the change will outlaw sex with underage prostitutes, in a country where ruling Chinese Communist Party officials and other public servants have paid large premiums to do so.

China's parliament has repealed a 1997 law governing sex with minors after a nationwide campaign by women's groups and rights activists, who said it watered down the crime of rape and encouraged child abuse.

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