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I think that they're trying to make sure that these views become mainstream.

Instead, they portray gator hunters in the swamp, a hoarder with dead cats in her house, a Goth-styled exterminator who chases hogs and possums, seven "bad girls" who live together in a New Orleans house, a Baton Rouge family that cleans everything from sewage spills and rodent infestations to crime scenes and crack houses, and some Baton Rougeans who build the biggest, baddest guns and knives around.

Reality shows filmed in Louisiana are flourishing on the small screen, made possible in part by efforts to lure the entertainment industry through tax credits and other incentives.

Such programs have propelled the state onto a new world stage and transformed some of our residents into international stars.

For example, Swamp People has broken viewership records on the History Channel, and Troy Landry's catchphrase "Choot 'em" is available on T-shirts, hats, coffee mugs, aprons, camouflage beanies and a $2.99 ringtone for your cellphone.

Indeed, some of these reality shows capture compelling aspects of our culture and history that are near and dear to us.

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