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This page attempts to list all significant monographs relevant to Papua including those not specifically about Papua but with substantial Papua related content (there are now - 633 - books and reports listed here).

The list also includes magazines and journals with feature editions on Papua.

For a more complete listing of recent journal articles about Papua see the Southeast Asian Serials Index.

Yet, Meyer hasn’t been seen much since the film franchise concluded in 2012.

“I get further away every day,” she told Variety of the franchise in 2013. For me, it’s not a happy place to be.” However, it seems the 10th anniversary is bringing the author back into the spotlight.

Over the summer, she helped create a competition for short films based on her characters from “Twilight.” She also attended a “Twilight” festival in Forks, Washington, on Saturday that served as the first of many appearances she’ll make this fall.

Fans can catch the 41-year-old author at New York Comic Con on Oct.

8 for an autographing session, as well as MTV’s “After Hours” later that night.

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