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this resulted in a break-up where Chip Tate left the company after a buyout.The company is now owned and managed by PE Investors, LLC and will move forward with the multi-million dollar expansion in 2015.(The full story offered by the NY Times.) Absolutely delicious. This is the best new whisk(e)y I've tried in several years.

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For the first time since the August 8 temporary restraining order, Balcones founder Chip Tate can talk about the legal battle with his investors.

He’s been under a strict media gag order, while the 170 Texas State District Court sorts out the disagreement between Tate and his investors, who alleged Tate refused to attend board meetings and even threatened to shoot board chairman Greg Allen.

Allen’s legal team changed the terms of the temporary restraining order, Tate says, and he spoke with bloggers and other media outlets published court records.

Balcones 1 Texas Single Malt was first launched in the fall of 2011 is a tradition, non chill-filtered whisky made of malted barley--unusual for American whiskey which is more typically corn or rye.

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