Austin and ally secrets and songbooks online dating

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Synopsis: Ally loses her song writing book, which is also her top secret diary, so she and Trish comb the mall looking for her it, not knowing that Austin and Dez have already found it and read it, revealing that Ally has a secret crush.

If anyone does touch it, she snaps and says one of her Season 1 catchphrases: "Don't touch my book!

" The book is very precious to Ally- this is seen by her reaction to losing the book in the episode Secrets & Songbooks.

The book is mostly seen in some of the Season 1 episodes, but a few of the Season 2 episodes have included appearances of the book. Ally's book can be first seen when Austin and Dez come into Sonic Boom for the first time to film their video. Later on, Ally is in her room and singing the slower and acoustic version of Double Take, Austin coming up to her and saying that she should vamp it up a bit, and reaches for Ally's book before Ally snaps in and says "Never touch my book!!! ") The episode focused on the book primarily, revealing that Ally wrote her secrets in it too, and that she lost it.

While Team Austin are on a wild search to find the book, Austin and Dez managing to find it first, with Dez remembering that he used the book as a roof for his gingerbread house.

Austin and Dez then read the the book, reading about Ally's crush, and the two speculate that it was Austin that Ally had a crush on, and Austin starts to become extremely nervous around the bookowner, until the girls are able to force it out of Dez, and he then reveals their knowledge of her "little crush" on Austin.

Austin and ally secrets and songbooks online dating

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