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As his son watches, Naylor successfully offers Lutch a suitcase of money for his silence.

During the drive back, Nick and Joey discuss the beauty of argument.

Senator Finistirre, one of Naylor's most vehement critics, is the promoter of a bill to add a skull and crossbones POISON warning to cigarette packaging.

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Despite the threat, Naylor still plans to appear before a U. Awakening in a hospital, he learns that the very high nicotine tolerance level resulting from his smoking has saved him from death by nicotine poisoning, but now he is hypersensitive to nicotine and can never smoke again.

Meanwhile, Naylor has been seduced by a young reporter named Heather Holloway.

During their steamy fling, the besotted Naylor tells Holloway all about his life and career—information that she happily publishes in an exposé that appears just after the kidnapping.

Her article relentlessly bashes Naylor and his work, exposing Lutch's bribe, the product-placement scheme, and the MOD squad.

It accuses Naylor of training his son Joey to follow his amoral example.

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